Dolphin gold

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Dolphin Gold is a unique arcade action-adventure coming from Canadian producer Hybrid Network. The game is part of a growing trend of hybrid video games (think Pokemon and Zelda) that combine the addictive qualities of older arcade games with the ease of modern gaming. It’s a big idea at its core: taking the best elements of classic gaming and streamlining them into something both fresh and new. For example, dolphin marketing has always been centered on being a really cool, fun game, but Dolphin Gold goes even further by making the player feel almost like a marine creature trying to find his way through the maze of this massive, yet empty ocean.

What’s really neat about Dolphin Gold (as well as several other recent games using similar gameplay concepts) is that the designers have recognized the importance of making these games engaging and by providing some really great visual treats. After all, many of us recognize that the graphics in video games have pretty much come to define what the game is about – if you haven’t figured it out yet, most people end up playing a game that’s visually stimulating, no matter what genre they fall under. Dolphin Gold happens to be part of a growing trend of games mixing the visual aspects of a video game with traditional, “classical” style mechanics – a trend that’s been increasing in popularity over the past few years. As with many other things in gaming, though, there’s nothing truly new in Dolphin Gold, as its design is quite basic compared to the other games using similar mechanics.

Like many of the other games based on the Dolphin Gold concept, players take on the roll of a diver who needs to explore a strange new underwater world and collect as many dolphin wild symbols as possible. At the beginning, you’ll see only a few different dolphin icons, representing different species of dolphins you’ll need to feed. You’ll also see several platforms, divided into two sections – the blue dolphin section is where you’ll find the various blue dolphin eggs, while the red dolphin area houses the breeding grounds for the red dolphins. As you progress through the game, you’ll find more dolphins, more platforms and levels to explore – but the real meat of Dolphin Gold is the gameplay. The platforming is alright overall, but the key feature that really makes Dolphin Gold shine is the addition of a few unique dolphin gestures – allowing you to not only communicate with the dolphins, but to play with them as well!