Wild seas

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Wild Seas Casino Online Game Review

If you are a big fan of pirates and the thrill of the open ocean, you may want to try the slot machine Wild Seas. This game has a fantastic theme and features a variety of exciting features, including a bonus game that breaks the convoy and a wild seas flag that substitutes for all other symbols. Upon landing two wild seas flags on a payline, you will be triggered into the first level of the Break the Convoy bonus game. Once you do, the captain will face off against you will need to destroy one of his ships to advance to the next bonus game. In this game, you will need to select the flags and if you hit them three times, your ship will sink, and the treasure chests will be stuck in place for a single spin.

The controls are simple, so new players can easily pick up the game without too much trouble. The largest button in the game screen is SPIN, which starts the reels spinning. Other controls include the Auto button, which plays the game for you without a player’s input. You can also set the number of spins you wish to have autoplay run. There is also a coins button, which lets you adjust the total bet. The top menu button has the game rules, paytable, and settings.

The game has an RTP of 96.3% and four lines of winning. This video slot offers high volatility, as it requires several clicks to bet. The Wild symbol is a bonus feature that pays out a huge payout if it substitutes for another symbol. Sticky wilds are also available, so you can play with them for free to get a high payout! But be warned: Wild Seas takes a while to load. If you are in the mood for adventure, you may want to choose the game with the Wild symbol on the first reel.

In addition to paying high-quality prizes during free spins, you can also win a huge jackpot while playing this online slot machine. You can win up to $30,000 in the bonus game, as well as a free ship and five free spins. The game is set in the tropical waters outside of Port Royale. It also includes symbols such as the Wild Seas logo, Anne Bonny, rogue captains, and two Wild Seas flags. When you land two of these symbols on the reels, you will be taken to the Break the Convoy bonus game.

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