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Wilderland – A Casino Online Game by NetEnt

Wilderland is a 3-D casino slot machine by NetEnt. With 20 paylines, this game transports you to a world full of magic and enchantment. The game’s fairies and wild animals abound in this magical place, and the reels are set in 5 by 3 rows. Wilderland has a lot to offer, including bonus rounds, Walking Wilds and Activation Zones. If you want to know more, read on for more information.

This 5-reel slot features high fantasy backgrounds and four Walking Wilds, each performing a unique function. The Wilderland slot features 20 paylines and 243 ways to win. It also has free spins, Activation Zones, and a wild symbol that walks from reel to reel. Players can choose from 20 cents to a maximum bet of one thousand dollars. It is a great slot to play if you enjoy relaxing games.

The name Wilderland was originally derived from the English word ‘wilderness’, which originally meant an uninhabited region. The word ‘wild’, which means ‘wander’, was also influenced by the same meaning. Thus, the name Wilderland can be translated as a “land of wanderers.” It is also possible that Wilderland was given to the lands east of the Misty Mountains because they were uninhabited and untamed. The name is also tied to the story of Nandor who wandered off after he completed the Great Journey.

Dwarves constructed the first roads in Middle-earth. The road began in the west at the High Pass of the Misty Mountains and ran across Wilderland. At the time, the road passed through the Mirkwood forest, which was known as Greenwood the Great. The road was eventually completed and the Dwarves took possession of the One Ring. The Dwarves eventually became the ruling force over Wilderland.