Why Online Sports Betting Is So Popular

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The gambling market has extensively evolved since the Intertops accepted the first internet sports betting back in January 1996. Generally, online gambling and online sports betting have currently taken the world by storm. Today, online sports betting is a fast-growing multi-billion dollar market in the USA, even though sports betting is still not regulated in some parts of the United States with most of the illegal sports betting activities in the country being wagered via an offshore sportsbook.

online sports betting

The increased popularity of online sports betting makes lots of sense. Sports betting allows online punters to have access to a full list of the best-betting markets from mobile devices or desktop. This means bettors can gain access to a sportsbook and place bets even when they are on the move. Technically, online sports betting has now taken over the Vegas sportsbooks and availed them to anyone who wants to bet on sports in the USA.

Post – up Sportsbooks/ Sports Betting

Wondering what makes up a larger part of online sportsbooks? Worry no more! The post-up sportsbook has been found to account for the largest part of online bookies. These sportsbooks require punters to deposit money into their account and place the wager. Every sportsbook on this site and almost all the ones you can find on major sports betting sites are the post-up sportsbooks.

Credit shops are very rare online. The sportsbook online allows bettors to wager on credit without having to deposit funds into their accounts. Online punters will thereafter be responsible for paying the debt since they already wagered with borrowed money. Credit shops usually settle every week with the sportsbooks having to pay punters when they win and gamblers paying the sportsbook in case they lose.

Many credit shops accepting USA bettors are usually hosted on offshore servers mainly because some states do not regulate online betting. However, these offshore sportsbooks work together with the local bookmakers. They are also referred to as “pay per head” offerings that have grown to become major aspects of sportsbooks.

Nevertheless, the benefits of most of these post-up sportsbooks exceptional surpass the credit shops and we strongly recommend that gamblers stick to these for many reasons.

You Only Bet With What You Have

The ability to place a bet on a match without having to post up or deposit funds are a major reason why most gamblers flock local bookies or credit shops. This newfound level of convenience is something that every bettor should seriously consider since it is also an area that is most likely to get you in trouble.

Many bettors have found themselves in situations where they had to bet with money they couldn’t afford to lose, something which is very common with credit shops.

Online bookies provide a safety net for both the sportsbook and players.

  • Sportsbooks – They are highly protected since the customer has already deposited money into their account and cannot be in any cheated by anyone who doesn’t pay.
  • Players cannot get carried away with losses if they must deposit money into their account first. Also, they cannot just lose more than had because they must deposit money upfront before they can be allowed to place any bets.

Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses on offer are an important part of sports betting online and it is something that is being offered by Las Vegas sportsbooks or the local bookies.

Just almost all online sportsbooks offer some kind of a welcome or match bonus and other extra bonuses like the VIP Point and reload bonuses that offer additional rewards.

Many reputable sportsbooks are serving USA players and most of the bonuses offered to come in the form of free plays where the player is given some form of bonus that they can use to place real money bets.

Most sportsbooks online offers some kind of free play bonuses with generous offers up to hundreds of dollars. If you are a “bonus hunter” which means you move from one site to another trying to claim the available bonuses, then online sportsbooks are your thing because there is nothing against signing up with different sportsbooks and betting there so you can receive the free bonus money.

These bonus offers are particularly important for newbie sports bettors that are looking for ways to grow their bankroll so that they can have more money to bet with.

Besides the free deposit bonuses, most betting sites also offer their customers reload bonuses regularly, where bettors can just deposit money into their account and will receive more bonus funds.

VIP schemes and rewards are quite common at online casinos and poker sites and many sportsbooks offer these types of schemes. Betting sites might have some type of point systems where bettors can buy rewards from the store and the management will grant the bettor special bonuses.

Confidence That Will Be Rewarded

Placing bets with local bookies might work for some people, but the level of risk associated with these local sportsbooks is not worth it. Unless you want to bet with an enterprise that can be trusted, you won’t have any guarantee that you are not just placing wagers with some guy living in his parent’s basement.

However, this is not to mean that offshore sportsbooks are all perfect, but this is synonymous with every industry and sports betting is the same. There may be some online sportsbooks that cannot be trusted, but the majority of the sites we recommend are reliable and trustworthy.

Sports Betting Markets

The online sports betting the world is an amazing place to be if you want to have a wide range of betting sites that you can choose from. You no longer have to feel limited to bet with the local bookie, just check out any of the online sportsbooks we recommend and you will find a great betting site where you can place real money bets and strike it big.

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